Melanie Murphy

Female, Ireland

Languages: English

Joined: April 22, 2015

Beauty VLogger

Melanie Murphy, an Irish YouTuber and beauty guru, has touched the lives of millions worldwide with her story.

Her life experience with fighting acne, overcoming insecurities and low self-esteem, conquering weight problems and eating disorders, combined with her passion for confidence and beauty prompted her to create videos that are inspiring, high quality, easy to follow and that produce real results, improving the confidence of millions. 

Melanie's life wasn't always easy. She's battled bullying and depression, has experienced being overweight, and at one time after a breakup she had no friends left, leaving her unwilling and unmotivated to leave the house. But over the past few years she's managed to improve her confidence so much that she's a completely different person and now she wants to inspire you to do the same. To be your best self and present your best self to the world!

Today, her message is: "I want to motivate people to change their life, it is possible for everyone. I feel like I have been to the darkest depths and I have reached the highest heights, so I want to spread that feeling, of being happy and content. Anything is possible!"