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When I was a sixteen years old, I wouldn't dare let my then boyfriend see me without makeup. I had chronic cystic acne and it left me feeling extremely low and ashamed of my skin. I'd wake up at 6am, remove the makeup that I'd left on the night before, and then I'd apply more before getting back into bed. 

People would compliment me but I couldn't accept compliments, and it always seemed like nobody understood how unhappy and trapped I felt in myself. 

My late teens were super difficult for me. People would comment on my acne and the birth mark on my neck and they'd bully me about it, and I allowed that to force me back into my shell because I didn't yet know how to stop caring about how others thought of me. I wasn't strong or secure in myself. And even when I'd manage to clear my acne up for a period of time I couldn't come to terms with the scars that remained. 

Now, I embrace every flaw on my face and body.

Sometimes I wish I'd known back then what I know now, but then I remind myself that if I hadn't gone through difficult times and experienced what it's like to have zero self esteem, I wouldn't have been able to reach this point now and I wouldn't appreciate this confidence I now exude. If I can, anyone can, and if you're currently in the place that I used to be in I want to inspire you and help you to realise that beauty is skin deep and everyone is beautiful in their own unique way.


I've had an interest in makeup and style ever since I was a little girl. My mother always worked in the makeup industry and I was always amazed watching her play with her makeup and brushes and style herself in different outfits. 

Over the years, I learned a lot from her and I found my own makeup and clothing style. It's super important to play around, to experiment and to take inspiration from others to find a style that makes you feel your absolute best. Self expression through makeup and clothing can be very positive, I know that now. There was a time when I hated makeup because it was something I'd hide behind, it was a mask. Now, it's something I find relaxing and something I use to enhance myself. 


As a teenager I found a lot of comfort in food. I grew up eating fast, processed foods and it was my habit. I wasn't educated about food and I didn't understand that what I put into my body had a huge impact on how I felt and how I looked. I also hated exercise, later discovering that a long walk each day is even better for me than anti-depressants. 

I've been two stone heavier than I currently am and I've also been two stone lighter, a 60lb difference. Finding my balance was a long and bumpy journey, but entirely worthwhile. I'm so glad that I learned about how to make healthier, tasty meals that I enjoy and that I can eat as much of as I like. 


After losing 60lbs I didn't understand balance, and I was heavily influenced by extremists on the internet. I developed orthorexia, and then binge eating disorder. It was awful. And it's difficult nowadays as there's this huge dichotomy between the weight loss industry and the fast food industry. We've lost touch with what true health and balance is, and we're finding it harder and harder to live in moderation, to accept that a healthy human body doesn't need to be pencil thin and six foot tall. 

We all come in different shapes and different sizes and have different weight set points, and accepting that and accepting that I needed to get help and see a professional were the first steps in recovering from eating disorders. A YouTuber I was watching suggested counselling so I finally bit the bullet and went while in university, it was the best decision I ever made. It takes a lot of work on mindset and dedication to recover and be happy. Eating disorders are distractions and it's easy to get comfortable in them. If you're reading this, DON'T. Allow me to show you how happy and confident you CAN be!


It’s only when I look back at old pictures, and when family members tell me certain stories that I remember how terrible I used to feel about myself. I had generalised anxiety disorder and was clinically depressed. 

With time and life experience I've found that it becomes easier to love yourself no matter what and not to care what other people think. My whole life started changing when I started believing in myself and that everything is within reach if I just start thinking positively. That has literally snowballed for me in every single regard - the law of attraction is a huge part of my life, and I love to read books about it. I'm an example of that law, and of practicing positivity, and I think BeYouTy really shows that!


I used to believe that there was only one way to do things right and to be happy. I would search for a book to tell me what to eat, or a guide to show me how to dress. Then I realised that they don't exist. We create our own rules, drawing inspiration from the people that we meet and are exposed to along the way. I look to friends and family, actresses and authors, YouTubers and fictional characters, for my inspiration.


BeYouTy is here to inspire you and to show you that a person can be happy after a storm. There is light at the end of the tunnel. 

You can become the person that you want to be and your dreams really can come true. 


Course Structure

Section 1: SKINCARE

How I take care of my acne prone, combination skin every day!

Section 2: MAKEUP

How I do my makeup. A look for every occasion!

Section 3: RECIPES

Some of my favourite healthy recipes and generally how I build meals!


How I do my hair. Fun, easy styles that anyone can do!

Section 5: BONUS - FASHION

Some looks and go-to outfits that make me feel my best!


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